5 Ways to Avoid Unnecessary Fights With Your Girlfriend

That fights can be good for your relationship is not reason to overdo them. Lovers’ fights are kind of inevitable so it’s OK if you and your bae get the occasional arguments, the occasional difference of opinions that need to be argued out and all. [Read: 14 Ways To Know If He’s Hiding Something]

To learn how to avoid unnecessary fights with your girlfriend, see the tips below:

1. Timing

Bringing up a right concern at the wrong time might derail the conversation away from the real issue onto something else. You may have a legit reason to be angry but by venting that anger at a wrong time, the argument could shift from your original concern to issues like your insensitivity to her mood and her feeling. [Read: 3 Things You Shouldn’t do When an Ex Texts You]

You do not want that. So it is important to realise that there is a time to argue and there is a time to not.

2. Cut down on the blame game

If you often say things like ‘what’s wrong with you?’ or ‘why would you do that?’ or ‘how did you think that would be a good idea?’ you set your partner up to defend herself, and create a battle of you versus her. It is an unnecessary situation to create all the times when you can ask in a way that allows conversation and explanation instead of defense. [Read: 5 Simple Ways to deal with Body Odour Totally]

3. Understand her

She’s going to have issues, upsets, and priorities that seem monumental to her, but ludicrous to you but you dare not dismiss these things. If it means something to her, let it mean something to you, too.

 Saying things like ‘I don’t understand what the big deal is’ or ‘you’re overreacting’ will make her feel isolated and would cause resentment and bring about issues that could easily have been done away with.

4. Avoid repeats

It is fast going to become a cycle if you apologise and go right back to doing that thing she complained about. Nobody needs that. Just cut out the repetition and get your act right. [Read: 7 Things You Never Have To Be Sorry About In A Relationship]

5. Make your wishes known expressly

Communication is very important and yet again its application will be very useful here. Every time you get the opportunity to deal with issues and reach compromises on differing opinions and wishes, make sure to voice your feelings clearly so as to ensure that you and her on the same page, and so that you don’t get back to the same issue in the future without a knowledge of how you both feel as a couple about it.

Every opportunity you get to deal with a new issue, come together to decide what your joint stance is on it. That way, when such issue comes up again, you know how to deal with it without having to argue about it again. how to stop arguing with your girlfriend

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